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Please see below UK Education news feeds pulled from the independent, Guardian and Telegraph:

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Food bank supplies help record numbers

The UK's biggest food bank charity handed out 1.6 million food packages last year....More... ...
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The teachers live streaming bedtime stories

A school in Essex is using Facebook Live to get pupils engaged with reading through bedtime stories....More... ...
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How much screen time should children be allowed?

New World Health Organization guidelines say under twos should not have any sedentary screen time....More... ...
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'I changed my gender after my wife got dementia'

Steve had gender reassignment surgery after his wife, Jill, moved into a care home....More... ...
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Council spending on single homelessness 'down by £5bn since 2009'

Analysis suggests councils have lost billions from their budgets for lone homeless people since 2009....More... ...
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The Lego bricks designed for children with sight loss

Children at one UK school have been testing them out. Some say other approaches should also be taught....More... ...
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Teenage albino model: 'I'm thankful for my skin tone'

Kimberley Leech, 15, has appeared in the Italian edition of Vogue magazine....More... ...
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A-level maths leak referred by police to prosecutors

Exam board says police have referred an A-level maths leak case to the Crown Prosecution Service....More... ...
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Top 3 Best Beef-Producing Cattle Breeds from Around the World

In recent years, beef consumption has grown considerably, mainly because cattle are part of the small group of domesticated animals that are naturally fed. And the feeding process of cattle has a major impact on the quality of the meat we all end up eating.Large businesses or small farms in rural areas raise cattle for sale, knowing that these...More... ...
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How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Get Real Instagram Followers

When you are posting on Instagram with the aim to grow your account, then it is essential to increase your post engagement first. It is the ultimate goal of a lot of marketers and Instagrammers. However, Instagram’s algorithm has changed and it is harder to get more views and increase your post reach. But, there are some tricks that you can use to...More... ...
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