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British School of Alexandria

Website Age     Infant Junior Senior
www.bsalex.net From 3 to 18 Yes Yes Yes
Address Admissions
Mahmoud Aboul Ela Street
Kafr Abdou Roushdy
Egypt - Alexandria

Tel: (+20 3) 5445426, 5232765


Email: admin@bsalex.net

Principal CEO Justin Blakebrough
Faculty Curriculum
35 F/T, 14 P/T National Curriculum of England and Cambridge/Edexcel examinations
Qual/Exam Types Nationalities
GCSE, IGCSE, A/S Level, A Level 23
Enrolment Fee

Total: 440

Per Annum:
FS1: £2, 580+ LE 30,870;
FS2: £3,300+ LE 39,510;
KS1 & KS2: £3,510+ LE 42,135;
KS3: £4,050+ LE 48,540;
KS4: £4,120+ LE 49,300;
KS5: £4,200+ LE 50,420 
OR £2,100+ LE 25,210 (if 1 or 2 subjects)
Assessment Fees: £110 (non-fundable)
Registration Fees £2,000 (non-refundable)
Deposit: £250 (refundable)

Special Needs Provision

The school is selective with an entrance test in Literacy and Numeracy. However, Learning Support is given when individual needs are identified for less able and gifted students.


We have recently celebrated our 30th Anniversary and continue to be one of the leading schools in Alexandria and the surrounding area.  We have close links with the British Consulate - our Patron is Her Majesty’s Consul General and part of our campus is in the Consulate grounds.  The school is a deliberately relatively small 3-18 British international school (440 students).  It is recognised by the DfE and is an accredited member of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).  It is a high achieving and forward thinking school which enjoys an excellent reputation. We are committed to ensuring excellent learning and teaching in a caring environment.  You will find the school a rewarding and friendly place to work with good relationships between staff and students.  We have a strong commitment to the professional development of all our staff.

Foundation children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework.  Students in Key stages 1, 2 and 3 follow the British National Curriculum and in KS4 students study for IGCSEs and A-levels in the Sixth Form.  Although our curriculum is based on the British system, we try to ensure that it incorporates the history, geography, language and culture of Egypt as well as having a strong international dimension.  All students also study Arabic.

Our vision is to provide a quality 3-18 British International education in Alexandria which is underpinned by outstanding teaching to develop knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, respectful global citizens and lifelong learners who will have both the desire and capabilities to help to make our world a better place.

A large proportion of our students are Egyptian nationals but we also have a significant number of students from other countries, with over 23 different nationalities represented including neighbouring Middle Eastern/African countries as well as a smaller proportion from Europe.

Alexandria is a bustling, friendly and cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean full of historical interest.  Life for teachers is relaxed and safe with a relatively low cost of living with a sufficiently good infrastructure, shops, cafes and restaurants to lead a European lifestyle.  Most teachers are able to save at least 60% of their salary and at the same time enjoy exploring Egypt.  Although from time-to-time Egypt appears in the media, you will find that living in Alexandria is in reality similar to living in any other big city with no particular security issues and a strong and stable government.


The temperate Mediterranean climate in Alexandria ensures cooler summers and warmer winters than in several other parts of Egypt.  In winter (January/February) there are some rainy days with temperatures ranging between 10 and 20°C, summers are renowned for the refreshing sea breeze, with temperatures between 22 and 34°C.

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