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Debating Tournament 2015


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The fourth BSME Debating Tournament ran from Thursday 12th to Saturday 14th November, hosted by St Christopher's Senior School.  The tournament was attended by schools from Kuwait, U.A.E., Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and involved more than 140 debaters.  There were 156 debates over the weekend, each of about 75 minutes duration, held over 8 Rounds and conducted in accordance to World Schools Debating Championships guidelines.


Participating Schools

British School of Kuwait

Dhahran British Grammar School, Saudi Arabia

New English School, Kuwait

Dubai College

Kuwait New English School

Sherborne School, Qatar

St Christopher's School, Bahrain



Dubai College won the Junior Section and St Christopher’s School were runners up. The finalists in the Senior Section were both St Christopher’s teams. The motion was the same for both finals: This House would ban multi-media ownership. Other motions included a variety of political and environmental topics, such as, This House regrets the success of Donald Trump and This House believes we can cope with global warming.

Junior Winners: Dubai College

Mr. Shumraze Fawad

Mr. Yash Bhansali

Miss Rihana Al Nabani


Junior Runners up: St Christopher’s School

Ramsey Tawfick

Llewellyn Forward

Raza Akbari


Senior Winners: St Christopher’s School

Hesham Albaharna

Ali Al-Saffar

Abdulla Janahi

Feras Fayez


Senior Runners-up: St Christopher’s School

Harsh Ainapure

Anish Vishwakoti

Shawn Amirthan

Lulu Al Sugair

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