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2012, Abu Dhabi

Beach Rotana

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2012     Abu Dhabi Beach Rotana 31 January 4 February
Name Andy Hargreaves - the Thomas More Brennan Chair in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College.

Changing Beyond Expectations in Business, Sport and Education

This workshop presents and processes the findings from a unique study of Beyond Expectations : a study of 20 organisations in business, sport and education across three continents (Europe, Australasia, North America) and six countries (England, Ireland, Italy, USA, Australia and Canada), that perform better than they did, better than their sector peers, and better than might be expected given their resources and circumstances. It also draws on studies of high performing national or state-wide school systems in Finland, Singapore, Canada and California.

Sustaining Leadership and Change

Educational change is relatively easy to design, difficult to implement, and extremely hard to sustain.

In English, to sustain has three meanings:  to maintain, to nourish and to hold up or support the weight of something.  All these three meanings are important to the idea and practice of sustaining change. In this interactive workshop, all three meanings will be explored to determine the principles that help sustain leadership and change in education:  I will draw on my work on educational change in Canada, the US, Finland, England and Singapore to illustrate the arguments and participants will have a chance to process them in relation to their own experience.  The principles are:

1.       Sustainability as depth

2.       Sustainability as endurance

3.       Sustainability as shared responsibility

4.       Sustainability as Social Justice

5.       Sustainability as Resourcefulness

6.       Sustainability as Diversity

7.       Sustainability as Conservation

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